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Prepaid Cards: Prepaid Credit Cards & Prepaid Debit Cards


Prepaid debit cards are similar to both ATM debit cards and regular credit cards in the sense that you can swipe them at any time to pay for products and services. They are especially helpful to those with bad credit who cannot qualify for an unsecured card otherwise. Prepaid cards are also helpful for parents wanting to give their kids a credit card with “training wheels” to teach them how to handle debt. Most prepaid debit cards are available with no fee, even to those who do not have a bank account or credit history. The prepaid credit card limit extended to you is based on how much money you deposit into the reloadable account ahead of time – or how much you “prepay” on the card.

You can use a prepaid card the same way you would use a debit or credit card, and you can make withdrawals or purchases against the cash balance in the account. If you use up your cash, the card limit runs out. Then you can recharge, or resupply, your reloadable card by making another cash deposit.

Check the details of each prepaid credit card because they all charge various fees and apply different rules. Many also offer helpful cash management and bill paying tools through convenient online account access that can assist with establishing an improved credit history. You will just have to see what options are available for you. Study the FAQ section of the card’s website or look for the terms and conditions page – which companies sometimes sneakily hide or bury where you have to look long and hard to find it. Here's a nice FAQs page for your convenience. 

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